Licensing Sub-Committee
Tuesday, 29th November 2016 at 10:00am 









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  1. Miss Claire Jones (Monitoring Officer)
  2. Cllr Daphne Bush (Independent Plus)
  3. Cllr Reg Owens (Independent Group)
  4. Cllr John Anthony Brinsden (Not affiliated to any Group)
  5. Mr Mark Elliott
  6. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  7. Committee Clerk
  8. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  9. Charlotte Mathias - Licensing Representative
  10. Licensing Representative
  11. Nigel Hayes - Dyfed Powys Police
2 Declarations of Interest
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3 Minutes of previous meeting
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  1. Cllr Daphne Bush (Independent Plus)
  2. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  3. Cllr Daphne Bush (Independent Plus)
4 Application for an Alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit for more than 2 Gaming Machines - Lobster Pot Inn, Marloes, Haverfordwest
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  1. Mr Mark Elliott
  2. Cllr Daphne Bush (Independent Plus)
  3. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  4. Cllr Daphne Bush (Independent Plus)
5 Exclusion of the Public
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