Licensing Sub-Committee - Tuesday, 20th March 2018 at 10:00am - Pembrokeshire County Council

Licensing Sub-Committee
Tuesday, 20th March 2018 at 10:00am 









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4 Tenby United Rugby Football Club, Upper Frog Street, Tenby
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  1. Applicant
  2. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  3. Nathan Miles - Pollution Control
  4. Applicant
  5. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  6. Nathan Miles - Pollution Control
  7. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  8. Applicant
  9. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  10. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  11. Applicant
  12. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  13. Applicant
  14. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  15. Objector
  16. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  17. Objector
  18. Cllr Reg Owens (Independent Group)
  19. Objector
  20. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  21. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  22. Objector
  23. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  24. Objector
  25. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  26. Applicant
  27. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  28. Applicant
  29. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  30. Cllr Reg Owens (Independent Group)
  31. Applicant
  32. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  33. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  34. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  35. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  36. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  37. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  38. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  39. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  40. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  41. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  42. Mr Mark Elliott
  43. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  44. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  45. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  46. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  47. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  48. Applicant
  49. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  50. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  51. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  52. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  53. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  54. Applicant
  55. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  56. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  57. Applicant
  58. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  59. Applicant
  60. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  61. Applicant
  62. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  63. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  64. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  65. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  66. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  67. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  68. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  69. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  70. Applicant
  71. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  72. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  73. Applicant
  74. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  75. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  76. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  77. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  78. Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias
  79. Applicant
  80. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
4 Tenby United Rugby Football Club, Upper Frog Street, Tenby
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  1. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
5 Mrs L Davies trading as Rock N Roll Cars, Carew Airfield, Carew
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  1. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  2. Applicant
  3. Mr Mark Elliott
  4. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  5. Applicant
  6. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  7. Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group)
  8. Applicant
  9. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  10. Applicant
  11. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  12. Jeff Harries - Legal Representative
  13. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
  14. Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group)
6 Exclusion of the Public
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4 Tenby United Rugby Football Club, Upper Frog Street, Tenby

[Applicant - 0:00:00]
with the sole exception of customisation to eat using the tables and chairs pace at the front of the premises you can't read don't say food at the moment but it is our future plans to to do so am and if that conditions in that which means that we can't use our exterior patio and or any time unless people are already 10 am
I tend not use patio after am 11 pm for an LA consumption of alcohol that will not be taken place I am but it is where as members duo
OK thank you
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:00:40]
europe's comeback from an item you nothing that's fine
[Nathan Miles - Pollution Control - 0:00:44]
the grievances burnished just-released eating area here which is one of the clear here
where would they go to stroking them both front door and the Executive
[Applicant - 0:00:59]
is at the front of the premises and you actually have to walk through the patio to get through both of our front doors am so it will be monitored at all times will please say an
but because of sea smoke by we'd rather smokers pay contained in our particular and on the streets and Petya AGM this licence is pretty outdated m because it hasn't so few for a number of years now is our
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:01:27]
future plans put back in place I'm just one of those observations we've made as members were possibly in the report could have been more clearer is for it to be specifically stated in the report what the current conditions are and what the new conditions are required in the in the first page of our document so in terms of the licensing hours
[Nathan Miles - Pollution Control - 0:01:52]
for the weak day for the conker dishes on the first page of her outlined some of the staff
page 14
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:01:59]
thus your appendix
yet what I am referring to is the report that we have as members the first page of our report to the reserve but I'm referring to OK
so in the week day we have the current IRB licensing hours are from 9 am till
one 12th of city here
[Applicant - 0:02:38]
its capital 12 Sunday to Thursday and topped 80 on Friday and Saturday and the new licensing hours which your requiring R and extended to an hour
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:02:51]
Two from two hapless one in the morning
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:02:55]
Councillor Harris from the question of pay
I too
opening hours of the premises and I am Monday to Sunday to Thursday 9 2 0 0 30 what you've just said
[Applicant - 0:03:14]
yet the consumption is La Calisto midnight and detonator am have Astrov and then won a am on the Friday and Saturday
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:03:28]
Sunday to Thursday this is present Sunday to Thursday 9 am heard 2 0 Thirty Friday Saturday 0 900 two per 100 comma
what's been applied for
there's a Friday from 9 m to one early
this is opening hours and a Friday and Saturday over 900 2 0 2 Andrew Cook could I just be a hundred was unclear on that
[Applicant - 0:04:03]
age 25
to me to repeat it
yeah it's just an extra hour on our current licence
and that's what I'm asking for a new one
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:04:29]
I think we've got that good OK thank you and members were struck ask any more questions regarding to the hours and the Licensing
yet them OK them we do have objectors with regard to this application
so if I could invite let me just say
those are the objectors present in the room we have to objectors right OK I'm just going to find the first name first captive
yes calling Thomas
OK and if I could I invite them Mrs. Caroline Thomas forward peace
if you could take a seat by year gathering year
and just to inform members on people's own people in the room that the urn the technology for webcasting has now been established so it was worth doing a lot maker and so if you could introduce yourself Caroline inches of us and if you could press the button so that the
[Objector - 0:05:58]
microphone his own yeah and if you could bring it forward you a bit closer Libya you can bend it down
and Caroline Thomas hello
so if you just write to give us your presentation and your reasons why you are objecting to this application Laming main reason for objecting to the extra hours is noise
I live very near to where the club and at the moment and the music I was talking to a talk about namely the music finishes at 12 o'clock at stops which means I can go to sleep
if it's going to go until one o'clock
i've got to go to not be able to sleep until at least one o'clock and it might even be later but the noise which will be coming out of the club later
and this is one reason that is noise
on the music licence
and then
I have concerns about the extra hours requested for the sale of alcohol
and this could mean people potentially being even more drunken aggressive leaving the club at half-past one week later and I live above a shop in frog streets and we find our windows broken which cost a lot of money to pay I can't explain the relative fall that it could be curvy anyone budget but when people are walking down drunk they do sort of fall around and I'm
another concern is the outdoor drinking area which does go on to the streets it's lovely that malaria and people love to sit there but in the daytime and I'm more concerned with the noise in the daytime and then in the evening because that's going to close at 11 o'clock years isn't it yet the in the daytime it becomes very very noisy and intimidating and I really really love to see
to see what you call them doormen there during the day time on a Saturday particularly during the summer season because it becomes very very intimidating walking up and down the street when there's so much of this campaign so it's all to do with noise really OK yeah OK but that's run facility as I might I really like the rugby club I've been a member of the club for a long long time or not I don't go out drinking about them when I was younger my husband plays are I declared my son play rugby club and so I don't want to do anything to harm the rugby club but I just really want it to be part of a friendly Tendi are part of a friendly town I don't want it to be come
a place that you worry about all the time now okay area this probably
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:08:52]
it here with any members like to ask any questions Mrs. Thomas
so which largely noise you're concerned with and you did specifically go out as much by saying that with regard to the broken window that there is no proof has to visualise the premises the perpetrators
[Objector - 0:09:14]
responsible for this came from and that it is probably was somebody that was drunk but he could be fit for the president in the area
can here thank you very much
[Cllr Reg Owens (Independent Group) - 0:09:24]
do you have a question Councillor Owens
most of us grew up any examples of antisocial behaviour
outside your purposes yes but we always have to count the shuttle about what I've been around a social role fighting along or urinating on the street as a failure
[Objector - 0:09:45]
and done yet it needs controlling
if you haven't yet and the shops are always have to close early especially in the Sun on Saturday will be used to stay open late at night you can't anymore because of the cost of the people wandering up and down the street and I don't want to encourage it to and to extend it to to get any worse I'd like it to become more of a friendly town rather than a drinking town
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:10:18]
OK thank you very much for your office Mr. Harris Serco's the House
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:10:22]
would like to ask you a question as well Mr. Thomas and what Europe climbing as a current problem then that's happening in the data and Mrs. watches it
[Objector - 0:10:32]
the lack of provision for daub door people I think the dog people must must be along around especially in the daytime on the Saturday in the summer time because then that can control the noise coming from the outset update seating area
and then that will make people happier walking up and down the street
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:10:56]
[Objector - 0:10:57]
okay it's subdued a doctor and I was concerned about that
but lately I've spoken to him about it and she is she says she is
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:11:08]
quite happy to do last but thank you very much what I'd like to know as I invite Lalor in and if you could give us an appraisal of your
[Applicant - 0:11:17]
current door persons earned regulation were to follow and on my current licence I don't have to have told staff and only on Saturdays half up for reckless Tesco's AGM
I have been invited to do through the autumn's internationals which is obviously happier busiest period and richest country the Six Nations and we've had no complaints from noise pollution place we've had no incidents am
I risk assess a club and when I know it's going to be busy I-Spy to herself at 1 pm today or staff in at one and they monitored the exterior and interior throughout and throughout the whole of Saturday then into and through to the evening
and I feel an imposing a condition on a licence had told staff on a Saturday for the daytime would be 300 six five days a year throughout the winter when Castelen and I feel that it's not necessary ample have to soften in the winter months on a Saturday I have probably AP Palin just quiet drinks
services wire Sariska SAS top essence so when you risk assess your she
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:12:37]
do this risk assessment well in advance of the birth of venue the bit taken place
we have you know you've got to rugby into after coming on a Saturday and you risk assisted on the Wednesday you you know you're prepared
[Applicant - 0:12:51]
for the dopers and yes so am I. I haven't been at 1 am on my licence states I don't have to have them until half hour before oracular disco
but throughout winter periods we don't have discos and we're going to try and we have lots of Perkins and for numbers we've got an A Light in booked now in tedious time and of course love and questions I paint a parties so it is not to encourage customers to get more drunk is it's mainly for and two for functions and to emphasise what we've got
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:13:33]
and to use the ring we have OK thank you very much but I don't think there's any more questions from Mrs. Thomas
yes you can ask an early low cross for
[Cllr Reg Owens (Independent Group) - 0:13:41]
how often do the Robocop Hove
music legend not private parties are said to school or low bone
[Applicant - 0:13:54]
and we have had to disclose since I started I started in September and two thousand seventeen
and we had an live music Saturday just gone I am we've had no complaints from any residence or am any local Authority nearby
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:14:14]
OK thank you very much for your answers and thank you Mrs. Thomas
i'd like to call The forward the other two objectors as Mr. or Mrs. Roberts
Of The would shock and upper Frog Street please
they're not here today
right OK
we have no other objectors then that our present whirlwind report
I am aware of it
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:14:46]
here really isn't a pitfall
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:14:55]
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:14:58]
Mr. Murray could still take into cutting low Mr. Mrs. Dobson at present it does not take into account their written representations as other persons which have produced a page Forty four of your report
and it may be that you have and also the applicant is entitled to address you on the contents of that if she so wishes
I got here I can still take into account a written representation okay
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:15:28]
m for the benefit of the members then as you know in the report we have an objection
and representation from Monsieur Mrs. Roberts of the wood shop at the Frog Street and they aren't present to speak on their objection however would term the officers or members wish to comment on the objections raised are members first
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:15:57]
no OK Charlotte have you any comments to make with regard to the objections from Mr. Mrs. Roberts I have not had any comments is just a cigar haven't had received a response for them to attend the hearing so I was astounded doing can attend anyway today right OK
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:16:09]
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:16:25]
OK just to check no are is there any member of the public here present who are representing somebody else who are one of the two objectors in the report
the right OK in terms of the report to members it doesn't appear to be any record all that objection possibly the officers make and like me
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:17:01]
on this matter
the representations of them have not been received by the licensing authority within the time period they were sent to the applicant and the accent wasn't willing to accept them as valid representations because there is no evidence has been received with any authority
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:17:21]
within 28 days right OK thank them as such we have to honour that
[Mr Mark Elliott - 0:17:27]
rickety chair would like to them I can confirm that the letter was received and but for some reason between a being passed as a papal letter coming in reaching licence authority typically come this late right OK so apologies to attack
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:17:46]
thank you and to seek some further legal adviser
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:18:45]
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:18:56]
she might seem to have had a public protection is indicating it was a representation received from Tammy Town Council within 28 days then so much the viewing your colleagues to decide whether that can be accepted as not within the papers before you
albeit m of its kind of How to Have you Seen a proven negative as far as a formal response to the letters because they're normally as you'll see from the two representations that have been accepted they would they have date-stamped us as when they actually by the Licensing team and validly accepted as being within the 28 day period we have no such evidence in this case and were not aware of the year
the actual representations contained within that ended on Council letter which unfortunately doesn't seem to be having formerly been received within the 28 day period is set against that is what the head of public protection has just said that the year the letter was received
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:19:50]
either way I will have to be legal advice is there then we haven't had the letter within the 28 day period as such
we have no copy before us so we got the stage I thank him
committee are in agreement that we can't take representation on as any other members wish to make a comment
they are so that is it as it stands
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:20:28]
i'm just like some further clarification on the opening hours for the
[Applicant - 0:20:33]
bank holiday period if you could clarify that for us please
and it was to search out the licence and I don't intend to use the four I am I am as previous Ola and my current licence I have a further seven hours so it was just too tight for licensing so what time will you and I'm closing them on NI on holiday
I mean I'm happy to and go to the two o'clock am as if as we must confirm for the fight in Saturday am I do sympathise for and residents living nearby am
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:21:15]
and I said I'm happy OK I just wanted some advice from the officers erm obviously the earthy extension in the licensing hours
it going from two to one hour in terms of the cumulative Impact area 10 p as a cumulative Impact area and how does that affect this application and should be considering the cumulative Impact area or
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:21:43]
start not applicable in this instance
princesses into the air within the cumulative Impact Area C and its impact on crime and disorder that we need to look at and whether they would impact on the crime disorder within the area
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:22:02]
we have had no representations from the police with regard to concerns
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:22:08]
with regard to that than not unnecessary right OK
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:22:11]
thank you thank you very much later you want to come back in and the
[Applicant - 0:22:17]
direct Peter is an a few doors and turn away from the Norman Day which also has a past one licence and then the nightclubs a few doors up and which has a 4 am licence so I don't feel that we're asking am
there are very very late licence I don't think it will impact the area where US plea set and am monitor the area old times
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:22:45]
thank you very much
i'm two of them are members of any questions to raise with regard to this application
Councillor Harris
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:22:54]
then you've outlined fasts
the dormer situation will be at your discretion
we haven't had any I'm a good actor or not yet
he will review the situation and should you need it should end your
[Applicant - 0:23:22]
opinion you need to do a man we will have one and yes I am specially Jeroen you know in the summer and like Caroline said that in Saturday's are very busy and the daytime and so I will have to answer throughout the day time
throughout the summer months and I'm also am as I trained and A one of a number of my staff are on hold 8 am current valid licence
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:23:47]
he wrote also said the state
the Bank Holiday to fall apart in the morning is actually reduction because you are currently
[Applicant - 0:24:03]
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:24:10]
OK and their current term regulations for DOR persons earn are that you have to have two for one hundred people and you have to have an extra one for over three hundred how often do you go over those early
[Applicant - 0:24:23]
margins and we have to for the first hundred and one per hundred after that so am we are licensed and four to 20
and so we will I will ask whether we have an functions are now expect busy nights then I will have to surf am two numbers
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:24:44]
thank you very much
am I think we've sort of firm we feared the Sir the case sir I'm quite thoroughly we've heard the representations have been made and case has been put forward and we've had reports from our officers
and cut Harris would like to have one more question to ask
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:25:07]
of later no regard to the officer and if sir
application of door staff is now down to the premises
how would we a if there were problems at the premises
how would we
assist with sorting out the problem with regard to those staff if
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:25:42]
Pineau delegating their doorstep to ever-rising solar this tepid condition is earned normally on and multi-faceted premises so where they may have them discos attorney Burnett nightclub will have in a mega 60th birthday party and that's where the risk assessment comes in his weather
it's a suitable function for Dorset devices am and that's what got them why this type of premises would have that type of condition on it if the premises goes down the route of
being more of a regular discos every Friday and Saturday night than we would accept expect the full complement of Dorman them at all times would be four on this earth for this premises to the maximum occupancy because you can't suggested only a hundred people would turn up on one evening or if you do then you and you've only got to Dauman working than you'd expect the premises to stop
an entry at a hundred percent right and your copy with a consideration that but these ad hoc kind of parties the employment of Dore persons
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:26:47]
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:26:48]
in this manner is acceptable it's normal for me for that type of premises that has all different types of functions and M function halls then for Turkey
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:26:59]
and you wouldn't feel that the Serb premise would require door persons
outside of those kind of conditions
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:27:07]
it depends on what and what sort of for Earth functions are going to have so it would be monitored a lot by the latest analysis and advice would be given routinely and of course it got the review process if the essence of the premises changes at all from Loretta Irwin
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:27:25]
expecting OK thank you very much
so I think as members know when you've all had a your questions and issues raised I think what we will do now as Committee members will retire and make a decision on the application but you want to come in
[Applicant - 0:27:47]
with one more thing I am it's just in a row and their club in itself and as nation states there hasn't been an any complaints for a number of years and also we've had no representation from the police for them and I work closely with any authorities and so I just feel with nail
instant or am complaints being made from any authorities I feel and that as a bear trap is currently run and I fell into an income
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:28:24]
great thank you very much for your am tending her today OK and we will
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:28:29]
look back so soon with Azhar is requested clarification if I may with it with African before you retire for the purposes of providing advice to you after you you could reputations today you have the pushing and fellow report before you and the representations from the applicant
can I just clarify a note that you would agree to a 2 m across bank-holiday limits that I can advise the subcommittee that they needn't look further than lattice Foras special timings are concerned
[Applicant - 0:29:01]
yes F and if it helps the labours and bass Senate we are shut at 2 am and on Bank holidays as well and I'm happy to do that
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:29:11]
location was chosen
and also in respect of just to clarify for my own benefit then it is voluntary that new supply door persons at the premises from Athens had 1 pm on Saturdays when there are autumn internationals or during the summer when it is busy
i'm not sure Institute enough with one eye on the Licensing officer whether you could properly properly condition that it is that seems to be volunteers condition and at the risk assessment team has begun to take an historically by the applicant and I'm not sure whether the concerns from one of the other person's Mrs. Thomas in respect of the daytime answer on a Saturday in particular and that appears to have been addressed but only in a voluntary capacity by sleep or the designated premises supervisor the applicant
i'm not sure whether that could be properly condition doll
I expected of us for the applicants over and above the volunteering of it
I don't think I could be at least as far as I'm getting a shake of the
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:30:21]
head from Yes shot if you could dig at clay favourites to Harris's concerns you
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:30:28]
some is typical of what I'm saying is that you can take on board the voluntary early indication from the applicant but I don't think it could form part of your decision it where you might need to put the condition on the licence letting my advice would be that every MP would have to stand as a voluntary arrangement
and to the credit of the applicants but it would be difficult to enforce it as far as policing is concerned because almost by definition is No that's not necessarily any regulated entertainment which were cut would require in other circumstances as a registered or
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:31:02]
persons to be present to the current situation is you need to have all persons with a hundred people are mortal Tudor persons am or you're not saying
if you have them then you're a disco and you have a hundred people attending then in terms of the regulations are we impose you have to have two door persons present
[Licensing Representative - Charlotte Mathias - 0:31:21]
we don't impose conditions am as the Licensing Authority notes up to the AGM applicants to promote those four objectives and they may put those conditions forward or M after Irma listened to the representations you can put those concerns are those conditions and we advise that it's too for the first hundred for any applicant that wants to supply door supervisor's mainly for long working you need to access to supplies working at all times if this is an issue for control of entry and uncontrolled in premises and further daytime stewarding then more of that area
I am the complaints about the noise and the raucous behaviour I think of the customers in that area in the day but they will not be any regulated entertainment in the premises at the time
[Applicant - 0:32:20]
and that's why I asked to risk assess and and not to put the condition on my licence and at other current licence standards and we don't have to have two or staff throughout the autumn internationals and the Six Nations but after I do risk assessor I do put them on to make sure that the members earn the cut our customers and members aren't and the public are old and feel safe and secure an
I don't wish to impose this on
add this 2 am a condition and the handsome I ask for rescue assassinate am and no complaints have been made during any Six Nations altamont nationals throughout the day times am
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:33:07]
he very much them reclaimed clarify that one right okay members will retire or make a decision like you

4 Tenby United Rugby Football Club, Upper Frog Street, Tenby

OK thank you ladies and gentlemen for waiting for us to give a
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:34:13]
Out move straight on into the decision not being at that has been made
the licensing so committee and with regard to application for the variation of the premises licence Tampere United Football Club a frog street Temby have decided and A has considered the application for variation as varied before it today taking into account the representations that have been made at the sub committee is satisfied that the application as no varied promotes the licensing objectives and the variation can be applied to the premises licence specifically the hours has applied for be granted say that on official bank holiday weekends the closing time of the premises will be 2 m the conditions as proposed by pollution control in page 41 of the agenda report be imposed save the bullet point four
the subcommittee notes the position in relation to the supply of SA registered or persons and that this will be closely monitored by licensing officers bearing in mind the premises are in the cumulative Impact area and I thank you all for attending
I just take just a correction after its 10 reunited rugby club not weapons
thank you very much OK moving on to Item agenda Number 5 on our agenda today

5 Mrs L Davies trading as Rock N Roll Cars, Carew Airfield, Carew

fan that's regarding rock-and-roll cause so if I could ask the same failure to give us a report on this application please
yet wait for people to them
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:36:41]
sorry I just before I'm I invited Australia to give us a room an update on the report if you cook it could introduce yourself as them
[Applicant - 0:36:51]
if you press the button on the microphone Mr. Davis from local cars thank you very much thank you Chair officers guarding an application
[Mr Mark Elliott - 0:36:58]
from Mrs. Davis of rock n' roll cars whose over a private hire operator licence and his request for an amendment to the standard terms and conditions for sympathetic reasons the Stacey question these are small plate inside the vehicle for her Executive vehicle we have as a Council standard terms and conditions in relation to private hire vehicles requiring the player to be properly displayed on external Thumpers of disputed content however requirement is fair play can be removed and the second Sunday fighters to ask a local authority can specify the certain occasions where the Blakeney gnocchi displayed authority condition notice notice which can be counted effectively in lieu of the plate being displayed
this can occur in relation to vehicles producing chauffeur services or Executive higher as opposed to the regular private Hire short-haul bookings
also under section 48 5 of the act Sater Pateman speaks a bit on the vehicle in such a way as a local Authority requires careful states of the design and content of the plate is entirely up to the local authority members are invited to consider whether or not for this application that the requirement to carry a license plate inside a detailed vehicle be allowed thank you Chair
thank you my failure to them yes so there we have it is your
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:38:09]
application to change Plater situation erm would members of ash like to ask any questions regarding to this application
and if you like your presentation with regard to York
[Applicant - 0:38:26]
I bought a stretch limo to the paths around on secrecy vehicle am that is in question and the normal private Hire plates are quite large am Ambien vehicles that is I am is confused for Whedon's I'm special occasions so I don't really want to big plates on show and they goes from a natural fuel all aware that this might be size of plates and I kind of like smaller ones
hence the reason for playing for smaller ones and if people getting married take photos I don't really want a complete on show basically yeah and it would be better to have it more discreet and keep the car you know either is pretty much thank you
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:39:20]
but you for providing us with the photograph from enough members were wondering earlier on whether the UK whether a photograph was available provided us with that thank you very much for that
members have seen the report and them
since the photograph and listen to your representation
members of any comments to make with regard to this application
Councillor Harris I take kits
[Cllr Paul Harries (Not affiliated to any Group) - 0:39:47]
have a cause as the rock n' roll
but this application is specifically to this particular guys
[Applicant - 0:39:57]
yet and I've got a taxi business and so motor vehicles all taxis and in the past I've had them a stretch limousine the things I've got there and which I sold and this is just an extension come back to a Saturday three and four years ago and so this application is only for that caught not for my other vehicles because many concerns in the taxis talking about what's the name of the taxis out of business
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:40:22]
[Applicant - 0:40:26]
rock'n'roll cause Dorothy yet given the same theatrics every knows every knows Ms whack-a-mole so it's just gonna be the same with a lament
thank you
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:40:32]
no representations made by any other Members' Erdem
if I could ask members to give me a decision on the application
it's a bit like him
[Jeff Harries - Legal Representative - 0:40:53]
so I suppose I appear to have turned the corner and the with regard to the application in Mr. O'Neill have had similar applications before from other companies but those have been to do with more than one vehicle of growth across the fleet for specific executive high type higher the applicant's Wakeham indicated that this is a car specific application and I've got no reason to suggest that you do you will have to consider any other vehicle and
there is a real issue previously across Executive higher fleets as it were to do with their public safety with identification of vehicles which are being used for possibly military or other purposes needing to be covert that doesn't appear to apply in given the nature of the vehicle in question it is quite safe from Asos is readily identifiable and possibly as early as a private hire vehicle in any event as well as weddings would be concerned that I believe that that would be exempt from private Hire consideration in any event but it may be that you consider given the identifiable nature of the vehicle itself and an admittedly on the UK to be fair the applicant again it and it's on aesthetic
reasons the application has been made and combative basically none on the basis of the of the vehicle's rented readily identifiable I don't think that would be any public safety issues in not having the the private Hire flakes displayed externally and they will be in situ in internally in any event if there are any issues
and no doubt the vehicle itself is going to be extremely police able as it were by the Licensing team given how it looked
I would invite you to
Cut the application if you are satisfied obviously and there are no issues with it
and on the basis that it is a vehicle specific application and the applicant will be aware that if she has any other vehicles that require similar licensing than she will need to return to before the Licensing subcommittee 4 yes little by vehicle each vehicle would be
[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:43:04]
done on an individual vehicle basis and you're aware that I have no objection Sam a male colleagues aren't coming forward and so I put it to the voter or do we support the application either propose and second
Councillor Harris Council is proposing that a rare Joe in cycling
all those in favour
thank you very much for attending thank you

6 Exclusion of the Public

[Cllr Thomas Tudor (Labour Group) - 0:43:35]
right moving on to Item Vagenda number sex and that is the exclusion of the public and to consider excluding the public from the meeting for the following items of business
pursuant to section 1 100th day brackets for closed bracket of the local Government Act nineteen seventy two as they involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 14 of Part Four of schedule 12 A to the act and that the public interest in maintaining the exact exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information and I move
I second that we had last been moved and seconded there for them if we could turn the web